What you should know about dog food

Every dog ​​owner wants to give their pet the best food they can find. Or at least they should. Good quality dog ​​food or premium brands tend to have higher prices. If every penny counts these days, knowing what you are getting is important. What Do You Really Know About Dog Food Brands? A dog’s diet and health go hand in hand, so there must be a relationship between what the dog eats and how he looks and feels.

Like humans, dogs feel the effects of poor diet. If the dog eats poor quality food, he will not get what he needs in the form of food. In general, premium pet foods contain ingredients that are rich in nutrients and improve the dog’s digestion. However, most commercial pet foods contain ingredients that are not only unhealthy but also toxic. People cannot survive on a junk food diet. Why the hell should we feed our pets?

When we take our dogs to the vet, we see all of the fancy packaged foods they have for sale. A sad truth is that just because they sell pet food in offices, they don’t know much about dog diets and the differences between the different types of expensive brands of pet food. Dogs. Ask your veterinarian what makes up good and bad dog foods and see what they tell you. I am always skeptical of anything that is sold in a doctor’s office as they make profitable brands.

We should all take the time to find out what is actually in commercial food. Some contain foods that are not safe for human consumption, such as: B. the meat of sick animals. Almost anything that can be crushed into a paste can be added to pet food. I wouldn’t give my dog ​​a dead squirrel, but pet food manufacturers can add it to the feed that they processed and then processed. An old joke was that dog food contains anything that can be scraped off the foundry floor. Seriously?

Remember, there are some really good brand names out there. Some use products that are safe for dogs and humans. They value high-quality organic meat and grain in their food. Reading packaging labels is no longer enough these days. Dog owners need to be educated about what real dog nutrition really is and then choose which food they want to qualify for.

We all want to do our best for our pets, but sometimes even our good intentions go wrong. Learning what a dog needs to stay healthy and live a long life isn’t difficult, it just takes some research. All you need is a willingness to learn and an interest in feeding your dog healthy food. After you understand a little more about store-bought dog food, take a minute to learn how to make homemade dog food recipes.