Top Ten Tips For Training A Dog

There are many ways to train your dog and not all will be suitable for you. There are certain characteristics that all dog training programs share. Whichever program you choose, these ten dog training tips can make it a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Determine your domain. Dogs are pack animals that usually live in groups, which is why we are always called “alpha dogs”. The alpha of the pack is the leader of the group. The rest of the pack follows the lead of the alpha. You want to make sure your dog sees you as the alpha of their pack. If you don’t establish yourself as the pack leader, your dog may run over you. You will accomplish a lot more in your dog’s training if you can make it clear to your pet that you are the Dominant or the Alpha.

Be patient. Patience is one of the most important aspects of dog training. Dogs don’t, and neither can they, learn everything they are supposed to learn in a day. Hence, patience is key when working with your dog. Even if you feel that your dog is desperate, you need to find their patience and keep working on it.

Never stop exercising. Perseverance goes hand in hand with patience. It is true that some dogs can learn very quickly. Other dogs may take longer. Sometimes your dog pretends to have learned a behavior, but later finds out that he hasn’t really learned it. Training should continue beyond the short sessions to ensure that it is fully learned.

Play time is important. Never let training take over your life. Play is an integral part of your dog’s life, just like you! When you spend part of your day having fun with your dog, your training job becomes easy.

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Even if you exercise, your dog still needs exercise. Get your dog to exercise every day to stay healthy and burn off excess energy.

Don’t expect miracles. You shouldn’t expect impossible things from your dog. Dogs have a harder time with a few tips. Your dog will be much happier, and training will be easier, if you don’t have ridiculously high expectations of what your dog is supposed to learn.

Do not resort to corruption. You shouldn’t overdo any rewards or treats when it comes to training your dog. All of these only teach your dog how to do a task for the sake of winning a prize, not because you want to. Granted, you should emphasize decent behavior with intermittent praise and rewards, but never use treats to get them to bid. Otherwise, you will be prepared for failure in the coming days.

Stay consistent. Once you’ve created one, follow your training plan and routine. It is a known fact that dogs live off routines and need a program. If you stick to a schedule, you can keep exercising and make everyone happier.

Never be harsh with punishments. Discipline is essential in a training program. However, the discipline must be strict and not cruel. Using a firm voice works a lot better than just yelling at your dog.

Include your family in the training. Your entire family should be included in the training so that it is properly maintained. Using the same training method for everyone will avoid confusion in your dog and make training easier.