Top 10 smallest dog breeds in the world


When we think of a loyal pet, the first name that pops up in our heads is a dog because it is very lovable, charming, playful, easy to take care of and can take you anywhere you saw it. Small dogs can be good companions.

You can add a lot of fun and happiness to your life. If you also prefer small dogs, stay with Viralifes. This article introduces the 10 smallest dog breeds in the world. Read on to find out what they are! (No. 2. You will be surprised!)

10. Affenpinscher

With an average weight of 8 pounds and an average size of about 10 inches, the Affenpinscher is originally from Germany. These curious and active terriers are nicknamed Monkey Dogs for their cropped snouts and dark eyes that give them facial expressions from monkeys. The name roughly translates from German as Ape-Terrier.

Dogs have long, dark, thick fur, usually gray or black. Affenpinschers is one of the first toy breeds in the world and appeared between the 15th and 17th centuries.

They were bred to hunt and control rats and other indigenous pest populations, but in the late 19th century they became a luxury dog ​​loved by celebrities of the time. Affenpinschers are mostly loving and easy-going, but they can also be defensive when it comes to toys or food. They are also known to be stubborn at times, but most of all they are playful and adventurous.

Today, most Affenpinschers are in the United States after American troops in Germany developed a passion for them during World War II. Their average life expectancy is 12 years and they generally have very small litters between 2 and 5 boys who were born blind.

9. Butterfly

With an average weight of 8 pounds and an average height of 9 inches, Butterflies has a history that goes back almost 7 centuries. Its name comes from the French word for butterfly, and you can see why at a glance. They have big hairy ears that look like a butterfly’s wings!

Little is known about the origin of the butterflies or why they were bred, but during the Renaissance they were among the dog breeds most in demand by aristocracies in Italy and Spain and from France and are considered to be one of the oldest. Dog breeds

They are known as intelligent and friendly dogs that seem to be difficult to train due to their unlimited energy, but in reality they discover them very quickly and have fantastic memories. Butterflies like to keep their alpha status, regardless of their owner’s size, and can be very territorial. They are also very energetic and tend to be enthusiastic.

Papilons can live up to 16 years and have litters from about 3 boys.

8. Miniature poodle

Toy poodles have an average weight of 7.5 pounds and can grow up to 10 cm. The poodle breed is believed to come from various Asian sheepdogs, and experts name many ancient breeds as their possible ancestors.

The name poodle comes from an abbreviation of its original German name poodle dog, which means dog. This is due to their initial reproduction for waterfowl hunting. Because of this ability, the French also call it “Chien Cannard”, which means “dog duck”.


Poodles have to deal with hard hair that requires a lot of care. If a poodle’s hair is not cared for, it can bundle up and become a tangle. If your hair is well styled, it can be styled in many different chic styles. This is one of the main reasons why poodles became an extremely popular show dog in the late 19th century.

Poodles are also known to be very intelligent and can learn all sorts of useful tricks and tasks, e.g. B. as a guide or watchdog. The combination of style and practicality has meant that they were owned by upper-class women in France and ultimately voted the country’s national dog.

Miniature poodles usually live for 12 to 14 years and have litters of approx. 3 puppies.

7. Toy Fox Terrier

The American Toy Fox Terrier weighs an average of 7 pounds and measures an average of 9 inches.

The Toy Fox Terrier are the toy version of the Smooth Fox Terrier and were bred to control pests and small scavengers on farms. To make a small dog with the characteristics of the Smooth Fox Terrier, they were bred with Manchester Terriers and Chihuahua. It is a fairly new breed since the United Kennel Club was first registered in 1936.

Like many dogs on this list, the Toy Fox Terrier tends towards the small dog complex that resembles that of a Napoleon complex in humans. The Small Dog Complex is seen when small dogs become territorial and act as instigators of confrontation even with much larger dogs. Nevertheless, the Toy Fox Terrier is considered a relatively easy to train dog. They are extremely energetic and like to snuggle up on your lap with their fine cloaks.

Fox Fox Terriers live an average of 13 years and have an average litter of 3 puppies.

6. Chinese chin

The Japanese chin, which has been in love with the Chinese and Japanese emperors and their subjects for centuries, generally weighs between 6 and 7 pounds and has an average height of 9 inches.

Japanese chins are passionate adventurers who love to climb and are very loyal. However, these dogs are also physically and emotionally sensitive. His emotional sensitivity is based on his overly active feelings of empathy and intelligence.

Initially, the breed looked much more unique and the Japanese considered it a completely different species than dogs, but after a long crossbreeding with other small dogs, its appearance was more like a dog.

When they were brought to the United States by the famous Commodore Perry in the mid-19th century, they were known as the Japanese Spaniel. Like Shih-Tzu, Japanese barbs tend to have a different style of communication than just barking: they cry or “speak” with a variety of different sounds that sound like they are speaking or singing.

Japanese barbels have an average lifespan of 12 years and 1 to 3 small litters.


5. Maltese

The Maltese name means “from Malta”, and this small island in the Mediterranean was the origin of these dogs thousands of years ago. The Maltese has been a companion dog for most of its existence and can be an excellent dog for those who have moderate dog allergies but still love animals.

Its long, thin coat produces less dandruff than most dogs, and the hair resembles human hair. They average 9 inches tall and weigh about 5 pounds. Because of their size, like many others on this list, they are also prone to injury.

Maltese are very intelligent and can master most dog tricks. They are also very loving and are excellent emotional support dogs. You won’t see a lot of walking around the park because the Maltese were raised as indoor dogs and are too sensitive to the elements.

The Maltese live an average of 16 years and have an average litter of 2 boys.

4. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers or “Yorkies” are around 9 inches tall and generally weigh between 5 and 6 pounds, but they have also been shown to weigh around 13 pounds and are still healthy. The Yorkies are descended from the Black-and-Tan and the Clydesdale Terrier and were originally bred in Scotland to catch rats in clothing factories.

Yorkies are considered very stylish, and their soft, silky hair is one of the main reasons why they have stopped being pest control dogs and have become popular in high society. Sometimes they suffer from small dog syndrome and can be overly defensive towards their owners.

Yorkies love to play, however, and their curiosity, combined with a low level of attention, can get them in trouble when they’re not the star of the show. Like Maltese, Yorkies are also good for homes with allergies because they have similar coats. Dogs tend to have many different genetic abnormalities and conditions that make maintenance difficult, especially the Yorkies “Teacup”. These Yorkies, bred to weigh less than 4 pounds, are adorable but the result of irresponsible breeding practices, and most of them have very short lifespans and serious health problems.

The average Yorkshire Terrier lives approximately 14 years and has litter of 1 to 3 puppies.

3. Pomerania

A few hundred years ago, these small dogs could have weighed more than 20 pounds, but after a few generations of breeding they now have an average weight of 5 pounds and a size of 9 inches. The Pomeranian came from shepherd dogs in a region called Pomerania, which currently consists of Poland and Germany. They were another small breed that has become popular with celebrities and aristocrats throughout history.

Queen Victoria had one, Mozart composed songs for him and Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel with his Pomeranian by his side. They have incredibly fluffy coats that take a lot of work to take care of, but when they are taken care of, they are particularly cute. They are trained in strong competition and are among the most loyal guard dogs.

They are very attached to their human family and can even be afraid of separation. They can also be overly protective and fragile, so they should be observed and observed when they are near young children.

Pomeranians have an average lifespan of 15 years and usually give birth to 2-3 puppies per litter.

2. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas average 4 to 5 pounds in weight and 8 inches in size. The origins of Chihuahua, which takes its name from the Mexican state of the same name, are very puzzling.


The Chihuahua may be the first indigenous dog in America, and many believe that they coexisted with the Aztecs. Others believe that they were brought in by the Spanish conquerors.

Chihuahua are one of the most independent dogs, and although they are known to be difficult to train, it is largely a rumor that may be related to their small size and allows their owners to escape without having trained them. Chihuahua are very confident and show some of the strongest signs of the Napoleon dog complex. However, they are very loyal and loving to teachers who demand their respect. Their almost non-existent coats make them cool down very easily, and it is not surprising that they lived in the hot desert of Mexico before domestication.

As with many small dogs, chihuahuas are prone to health problems, especially their iconic eyes, which can be prone to injury.

Chihuahuas can live up to 20 incredible years and have an average litter of 3 boys.

1. Russian toys

The smallest breed of dog in the world is the Russkiy Toy, which is known in America as the Russian Toy. These dogs have an average weight of 4 pounds and are approximately 8 to 9 inches tall. As you can see from the name, these dogs are originally from Russia, where they were bred in the Manchester Terrier.

They are one of the youngest dog breeds in the world that have been officially recognized since 2008. Russian toys have many of the same characteristics as Chihuahua. They are fragile and sometimes difficult to train, but they can be good watchdogs and are extremely loving. They also don’t have as many common health problems as many small dogs. They can have short or long hair, and long hair make it look like a cross between the Chihuahua and the butterfly.

Russian Toys also likes to be outside and play with its owners, despite the fragile nature of its tiny frame.

Russian toys have an average lifespan of 11 years and are usually litters of 2 to 5 pint-sized puppies.