Puppy fascinated by “The Lion King” becomes so emotional when Mufasa dies in front of Simba


It’s one of the most exciting Disney scenes ever, and when you sit down to see the Lion King, you know it’s going to happen.

One of the first scenes in the classic 1994 animated film shows Mufasa, the majestic king of the kingdom, who was killed by Scar in a fatal onslaught.

Mufasa’s son Simba sobs next to the lifeless body of his beloved father. Meanwhile, the audience reaches for their fabrics. Everyone. Single. Hour.

Josh Myers and his girlfriend recently sat in their living room to see the Lion King. Meanwhile, Josh’s ugly dog ‚Äč‚ÄčLuna was busy playing with his toys on the floor.

But just as Josh and Hannah saw Mufasa collapse until he died, Luna did something remarkable.

Apparently fascinated by the dramatic death scene, Luna suddenly stopped playing with her toys, froze on the couch and turned her attention to the screen.

Luna started crying on TV and Josh says it is one of the sweetest things he has ever seen.

“He even goes to bed right after Simba goes to bed with his father,” Josh wrote on Facebook. “We don’t deserve dogs. She is 4 months old and already shows empathy.”

No wonder Josh’s video “Sympathize with Simba” went viral with over 13 million views!

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