How To Keep Your Pup Happy On Outdoor Adventures


Soon enough, we’ll be looking to make the most of warm summer days by spending time outdoors — especially with our four-legged companions. Whether that means an off-leash run in the local park, a camping trip in a remote location, or just playing fetch in the backyard, outdoor adventures require a bit more attention when it comes to our pups. To keep your dog happy and protected from things like fleas and ticks, heat, and dehydration, follow these tips when out and soaking up the sunshine.

Watch out for hot surfaces

If pavement or sand is too hot to walk on barefoot, it’s definitely too hot for doggie paws. Plan to walk your pooch in the early morning and evening, when sidewalks are cooler. Keeping them in grassy or dirt areas, rather than on pavement and concrete, during summer afternoons, is key if your pup needs a walk later in the day. If you live in a city and grassy areas are hard to find, dog shoes can help keep paws protected — just be sure to remove them temporarily on longer walks to let his or her paws breathe, as they can contribute to overheating on hot days.