Dog Breeds That Weren’t Meant For Your Home

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Image by Steve Adcock on Pixabay

A variety of dogs originally came from a common area, but have changed dramatically over the years. Healthy dog ​​food should also be considered. Genetic discrimination and selective human reproduction have radically changed the appearance of pets and how they are sent. There are about 200 to 300 pet breeds based on which kennel club you are registered with.

All dog species from the differences in the way they look are small, but it depends on what you are looking for. Dogs are not meant to be protected as pets initially and although some have been bred and trained to stay indoors, not everyone benefits. Dog allergy treatment needs to be treated. These are the top dog breeds that veterinarians say were not intended for your home.


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The Greyhound is a dog breed of European origin with a long and streamlined appearance. They have a long history of being trained to race against each other for sport. Although Greyhounds are typically good pets to keep as pets, they are a little difficult to handle when taken for walks.

Greyhounds can easily run away from their owners’ yards if the fences aren’t at least four to six feet tall. There are also numerous cities where they must be on a leash at all times when they are outside the house. This gives some owners problems, since they don’t  look to have issues indoors.


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Can you think where the Pekingese originated? If you thought “China,” you would be right! A popular toy pet breed, the Pekingese is actually a really good house dog to have. Then why is this pet on this list? Well, the Pekingese is prone to emotional and physical trauma.

It’s best that you don’t own a Pekingese if your home is full of stairs, especially high ones. They have difficulty with them and can fall down them and harm themselves. Their breathing problems and wealth of ailments make this dog breed not ideal to have around kids, who may give them a rough time.

Pit Bull

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Pit Bulls have become a touchy subject to talk about because of their history and public perception. Some believe they’re the most harmful dog breed while others say that’s a misconception. Whatever the case, they are powerful dogs have the ability to inflict significant injuries on people and they are high energy dogs.

You have to be aware about owning a Pit Bull depending on where you live. Some places have restrictions on where they can go and if you’re expecting to travel, there are airlines that have forbidden them from travel. Owners can also be held liable if their pet attacks another human.

Chow Chow

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The Chow Chow originally came from China and is one of the ancient dog breeds that we know of. They are famous by their dark tongues and fluffy coats and usually come in a reddish color. It’s known as one of the most aggressive breeds that people keep as dogs in their houses.

Chow Chows are incredibly protective of their owners and their territory and will manifest aggression to strangers. This makes them hard to be kept at the house, especially if you have a lot of visitors. They typically don’t warm up to strangers easily and can be harmful to keep with other pets.

German Shepherd

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The German Shepherd doesn’t belong to any ancient history, only dating back to 1899. It was bred to be a herding pet, specifically for sheep. It’s one of the smartest dogs, it is ranked at number three out of all the breeds. German Shepherds have been used for a variety of tasks, even including acting.

German Shepherds are active dogs and require something meaningful to do in order to be happy. They are great with families, but only if they’ve been well trained or socialized from when they were puppies. There are accidents where they are known to bite people but that’s not always the case.


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Originally of African descent, the Basenji is famous by the distinct yodeling sound it makes, which replaces the normal barking of other pets. They were originally used as hunting dogs and still maintain that desire to hunt. For that cause, they are not safe to be kept around cats and other small pets.

The Basenji is really hard to train, it’s actually one of the hardest out of any dog breed to train. They are incredibly active and can even run away from homes with high fences by jumping over them. Families don’t do well with them, since they usually stick to one particular person.

Doberman Pinscher

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Doberman Pinschers are smart dogs that learn and are trained quickly. They are also stereotyped to be harmful like the Pit Bull. Dobermans are trained to be guard dogs, so there is some validity to their harmful posture. They are stubborn but are loyal to their owners.

If trained well, this dog breed is extremely obedient to its primary owner. This keeps outsiders and others safe but only if the owner is there. Dobermans require to be exercised often to prevent their energy and aggression from being built up and expressed. They can also accidentally knock over kids due to their size.