Dogs and kids also love the Chauvet Bubble Machine

The Chauvet Bubble Maker is great for entertaining Fido and kids. Just make sure they don’t get worn out. It is the easiest and cheapest product for both children and adults. It makes any event festive and keeps everyone entertained for hours.

It’s really fun, even if it’s a bit slippery. Just make sure you have enough bubble solution over time when everyone is having fun and you can go through a ton of bubble solution in your Chauvet bubble machine before you get there. One bottle gives you around 6 hours of pleasure. So take them and don’t hold back.

The Chauvet Bubble Maker is a great investment in entertainment for the whole family. In addition to Fido, many people buy two or three to completely cover the garden.

The bubbles bursting continuously outside of this machine are great and you can literally have thousands of bubbles in the air at one time. Neighbors and teenagers will find it cool too, not to mention young kids.

For summer evenings, you can even illuminate the room with black light and even a gold bubble solution for your Chauvet bubble machine. We also recommend purchasing a remote control as turning it on and off can be a bit slippery.

In no time, you and your Chauvet Bubble Maker can be tricking your little ones into believing they are all “Sponge Bob Squarepants” even when the cheapest standard bubble solution is still available. One word of warning: be careful if you’ve installed the Chauvet Bubble Maker indoors as it will remove so many bubbles that a hard floor can become very slippery very quickly. It ends with the kids (and, of course, Fido) falling, sliding, and sliding left to right and in the middle.