Dog food – nutritional supplements

I think for dogs as a dietary supplement.

Four-legged friends love to eat dog food because it is formulated to suit their particular taste. Sometimes dogs need extra food in addition to the regular food that is served in their bowl each day. For example, it can be a bone, a chewable product made from buffalo skin, or a biscuit.

Butcher bones or mixed buffalo hide dog food

Not all bones should be chewed by dogs. Leftovers and leftovers are not dog food. Therefore, pieces of bones with chicken and schnitzel for human consumption are not recommended for chewing. They can be cooked with spices, but they don’t just work as dog food. Poultry bones can also harm the dog if they break. Sometimes the remains are so small that the dog tries to swallow them in one piece out of greed. This can cause serious injury and in some cases the vet will remove the chew. The argument that “dogs are carnivores because they are savages” does not apply here. A domestic dog is usually not a hunter and does not attack its food. He did not learn to distribute his prey because he feeds on people and is therefore dependent on people from that point of view. It is based on the fact that “his” teacher knows what is edible and what is not. Chewing by the owner is definitely safe and therefore the dog does not know how to protect itself in various conditions.

Butcher bones are best for four-legged friends. They’re usually very cheap or even available for free, and some butchers reserve bones for dogs, bones that can’t be used for anything else. Bones are especially popular with four-legged friends as they can still nibble on pieces of meat and cartilage. However, you need to make sure that the bones don’t break. It is also important that the bones are cooked and refrigerated before they are given to the dog. This is to kill any dangerous virus in the bone before it is delivered to the animal. This type of dog food is very popular with four-legged friends and some animals will eat their soft bones for hours. This will keep the dog busy and clean their teeth, preventing plaque and tartar build-up.

Those who do not want to give their animals meat bones to chew can also rely on dry buffalo skin bones. This dog food consists mainly of rolled up pieces with dried cow inside. On the other hand, the four-legged friend usually enjoys chewing the hard parts and chopping the food into pieces. The jaw muscles are strengthened and the animal’s teeth are cleaned by chewing and gnawing. Another popular dog food is the sow’s ear. However, some pet owners are less enthusiastic about these types of foods. In reality, this feed consists of the dried ear of a pig, which smells even in this state. Dogs love pig ears because of their strong odor and because they love to chew on your dog’s food.

Rumen and udder as dog food

Rumen or udder is a particularly tasty type of food for your four-legged friends and is suitable as an occasional food supplement. The intestine is a cow’s stomach. The odor is strong, so it is advisable to let the animal eat its dog food outside. Eating offal generally reflects the dog’s nature and anyone who has seen a dog eat can attest to this. This type of dog food is also high in fat, which can cause diarrhea in animals if consumed in excess.