Dog Breeds That Weren’t Meant for Your Home

In the dog world, it is estimated that up to 300 dog breeds worldwide, and it is also established that they all have come from one ancestor yet have developed and interbred over time, which have resulted in many breeds nowadays.

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend, and they have had a long history of co-evolution and co-existing through the ancient history that dates back to the era of Ancient Egypt. Nonetheless, some dog breeds should not have been domesticated, and these breeds are not meant for your home. For that, this article will shed light upon some dog breeds that should not have been domesticated and the reason behind that.

1)         The Chow Chow

The chow is known to be one of the oldest dog breeds globally, and it dates back to ancient China. This dog breed is mainly known for being aggressive, violent, and uncompromising.

Although they can be very loyal to their owners, these dogs can get very protective of their family and territory, and inviting people into your house can be quite challenging to achieve since there tend to be quite aggressive. It may attack your visitors, and they are honestly not the right choice as a house pet. Another interesting fact about these dogs is that they have dark tongues and that they are the only dogs with a black language, along with the Chinese Sher-Pei dog.

2)         Siberian Husky

Although many people tend to think that huskies are originally born all in Alaska, the fact is that these dogs come initially from the snowy living environments of Asia. Mostly, Huskies are very tough to train, they do not like to feel dominated, and if you want to train them properly, you need to specify a great deal of your time.

It is also expected that Huskies are very active, playful, and energetic and like to wander a lot, and many Huskies owners have reported that there have been many times when their dogs have tried to run away.

So even if you were determined to get a Siberian Husky, you need to keep in mind that you need to specify a great deal of time training them, take them to walk quite frequently, tighten up your security measures, so your dog won’t run. You need to be very patient while training them since their hyperactivity might be an issue. So, you still want to get a husky?

3)         French Bulldog

You may say that the French Bulldogs are the most adorable dogs ever! Tiny, cute, and easy to pick-up. Well, we agree, yet there are some things you need to know before that may change your mind if you were thinking about getting one as a home pet.

Due to a long history of crossbreeding, French Bulldogs tend to have a feeble resistance to many health issues. They can only live in cold areas; they cannot be taken for longer rides or flight since they can quickly develop breathing issues and die, and they tend to suffer from separation issues if left alone easily.

With all that in mind, getting a French Bulldog means that you will have to specify a lot of special care for them, spend longer times with them and have additional expenses due to their fragile health system. So, if you are not ready for all these lively changes that you have to take on, then a French bulldog is not meant for you as a home pet. 

4)         Dalmatians

Dalmatian dogs are trendy, and they tend to be adopted many by rich people. Generally, although these dogs have exceptional patchy skin that makes them stunning and very active and playful, these dogs then have a common problem of deafness.

It is estimated that almost 30% of Dalmatians are born deaf in one ear. At least 5% are born completely deaf, which makes the journey of training them quite complicated, and training a deaf Dalmatian is an entirely impossible thing to achieve.

5)         Australian Shepherd

Although people tend to associate their origins with Australia, most people do not know that these dogs were initially bred in the United States. Nevertheless, owning an Australian Shepherd means that a person is about to consider some severe lifestyle changes.

As a rule, the Australian Shepherd tends to have an extremely playful attitude; they have lively and bouncy behavior. To regulate their behavior, a daily training session of at least 60 minutes should be given to this dog. Not only this, these dogs would require their owners to take them to walks daily since if these dogs were kept inside the house for longer times, they may get sick and develop uncontrolled behaviors that may damage your house floors, couch, and any other precious furniture.

6)         Greyhounds

Belonging to a European background, the greyhounds are a perfect race dog, and they are highly trainable. However, although they can do very well inside the house, they tend to be super active when taken for walks or let out in the garden.

Due to their hyperactivity and high speed, the Greyhounds have a hefty history of running away from their owners when they are taken out for a walk. For that, in many cities, walking a Greyhound without a leash can be illegal since these dogs can run into the streets, cause car accidents, and put other people in danger.

7)         Pitbull

One cannot finish the list without mentioning the Pitbull, as you may know. The Pitbull has always been at the center of a debate about whether these dogs are safe as house pets or not and whether parents who have smaller children make the right decision by adopting them.

However, let’s cut to the chase; the Pitbull is a dangerous dog breed, and getting one of them as a house pet may not be the right decision, especially if you have small children since these dogs tend to be aggressive, attack at anyone at any time and many travel agencies would prohibit you from carrying them on your travel, so the next time you think about getting a pit bull, you should consider all drawbacks about this breed.