Comparison of dogs and children

I’ve seen this happen many times, both in dogs and in children. Most of the time it’s just a lack of understanding and communication. In reality, training a dog is not that different from training a child. The most important things you need to do for your home are:

Set basic rules,
have a schedule and
Accept disciplinary action.

Whatever you try to do will not be achieved without these things. Another thing to do is understand that your dog’s mind is that of a child to begin with. If you tell a child to do something and do it reasonably well, they won’t hit you. At least I hope not. He lets her know he’s upset, mostly with his tone of voice, and then shows it properly. Failure to do so, or if there is a conflict in the disciplinary measures taken, will only confuse him and make the situation worse. I only know because I haven’t been literally around dogs and kids in my entire life. I raised dogs from the day they were born until they died. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’m still doing it. It’s the same with children.

My mother was a single parent, so I raised my younger brother and many cousins ​​all my life. Then I got mine, raised her and some of her friends. I now have around 50 young people, only 3 are my blood, but the others call me mother. The most important thing for alphas to understand is that it is difficult to be young and learn all these new things for the first time. It can be so difficult for the elderly, but it can happen. This is where a lot of understanding and patience comes into play. Like a child, a puppy’s life is over until he is trained. So the first things I mentioned are very important. Your whole family should work as a team and not hurt each other. Another thing to remember is to do your homework with the type of dog you want. Make sure you can meet this dog’s needs. If you can’t meet the requirements, this may not be the dog for you right now. Maybe he’ll never find out later. Example: If you live in a one bedroom apartment, don’t buy a greyhound. These dogs have to run.

You see, it’s like a child. Just as it is your responsibility to be a good parent, it is also your responsibility to be a good dog owner. Yes, animals are responsible. It’s not just up to you to feed, water, love, and bathe your dog. It is up to you to attend to all medical needs (including repairing them) and much more. I’ve seen trained dogs and I’ve seen well trained dogs. Trained dogs do what they are told out of fear. Well-trained dogs do what they are told out of respect and love. Dogs and children aren’t that different, are they?