7 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Sleep With Your Dog


A dog has always been man’s (and woman’s!) best friend. For most of us, adopting a dog or buying a new puppy is like having another member of the family.

Bringing this fluffy little companion into your life can completely change it forever. With a puppy, you have all the demands of a newborn – crying in the night, house-training and behavior training.

And even if you choose to rescue a dog, you will most likely inherit some behavioral problems and find yourself investing time into making your new pet feel settled and happy in their new home.

There are so many books and videos out there offering opinions on everything from training methods to diet and exercise.

But what are the benefits of sleeping with your dog? While he or she might have their own personalized bowls, specialist food and even cute outfits some owners are not sure about letting their pet sleep in the same bed.

We’ve put together everything you need to know about sleeping with your dog so you can make the right choice for your family.

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