5 dog breeds with the highest level of intellect


Dogs are smart We all know that and this is one of the main reasons why dogs have been kept as pets for centuries. Your dog’s intelligence depends on how you treat your furry friend.

You must communicate with your dog and the training must be completed on time. Don’t expect miracles if you teach your dog something new if the pet is 7 years or older.

1. Rottweiler

This breed of dog was used by the ancient Romans as a rancher. These dogs are great guardians too. Rottweiler are gentle beings – they love their owners and are always ready to protect them. It is very important to train this dog and do everything necessary if the animal is still a puppy.

2. Labrador Retriever

Most American dog owners know how popular the Labrador Retriever is in their country. The dog owes its name to the icy water in Newfoundland. This is the country from which this species comes. The Labrador Retriever has excellent swimming abilities and can stay in cold water for a long time. This breed is used in therapy and rescue. There are many other special characteristics that are only typical for this breed.

3. Doberman Pinscher

It is known that this breed appeared in Germany. Your main job was to protect and protect. Today this dog breed is not as aggressive as it used to be. Families with children can keep Dobermans without fear. This kind is playful, loyal and very friendly.

4. Poodle

It is probably the smartest dog breed! The poodle comes from Germany. It was used for bird hunting. Poodles are perfect for collecting water. There are many different areas in which the poodle is absolutely irreplaceable. For example, this species can graze sheep. You can train this dog in war when the soldiers need help to bring supplies or to help the wounded. Its lively and easy to train nature has made this breed particularly popular in the circus.

5. Border Collie

Who could deny the fact that the Border Collie is one of the most attractive dog breeds in the world? Some time ago, this species was known as the Scottish Shepherd. He was first raised somewhere between Scotland and England. The colys have their own character, they are very intelligent. They know how to make the right decisions. You may have heard of Chaser, the legendary Collie that knows more than 1,000 objects by name.